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Games have always attracted people of all ages and backgrounds. Playing can be a cultural, social, educational and therapeutic activity.

Kaloumba discovers traditional games from around the world and constructs them using recycled wood. Kaloumba’s games play on speed, reflexes and strategic thinking.

Kaloumba’s mission is to use the act of playing to promote team building, self-confidence and tolerance. Our gaming events are friendly, lively and highly original.

Since 2002, Kaloumba has lead over 500 gaming events, organized over 50 workshops, created over 300 games and engaged over 30,000 participants in 8 countries.

We perform services for a diverse clientele:

Hospitals, retirement homes, schools, universities, public spaces

Seminars, holiday parties, galas

Weddings, birthday parties, family reunions


Kaloumba constructs games from all over the world using recycled materials and organizes activities and workshops for all audiences.
The aim of the association is to:
-develop the game as a cultural, social and educational tool.
-discover the games of the world, to construct them and play them with as many people as possible.

Kaloumba is a nonprofit organization, created in 2002, upon the initiative of people with a passion for games and meetings among people in a process of creativity, solidarity and cultural exchange.


Presents in all civilizations, games have always attracted human beings.
Games reinforce solidarity, respect for others and rules, while developing everyone's capacities and skills.
Games also allow us to understand different cultures and inform us about the historical context and symbolism surrounding their origin.

Today, the variety of games around the globe offers a reflection of the wonderful creativity of people and cultures.

You can help us by translating some rules of the games in english (from french, spanish or greek) and send it to us as that we would published online.

The aim of the association is the development and circulation of the games of the world and their many advantages to different audiences, in order to take action in cultural, educational and social contexts.
Our approach is to find all kind of games, from all around the world and all time periods, in order to construct them with recycled wood.
Then, we organize meetings and events to encourage as many people as possible to discover and play these games, facilitating communication between individuals. Our special characteristic is our “LUDOBUS” - a sort of mobile game library - which allows us mobility in order to reach out to people.

All the games are handmade in our workshop and created with recyclable materials. This action symbolizes our struggle against over consumption and waste, found in all wealthy countries. The manufacture of games is a way to complete our work and it’s also a pleasure and a passion for each member of Kaloumba.

Our work is addressed towards all persons who show an interest, primarily to children but also to adults.
We believe that games are for everyone, and although they belong more to the world of children, adults are nevertheless enthusiastic.
We create and organize game events and activities open for everyone.  We also collaborate with various social institutions such as schools, retirement homes, youth centers and socio-cultural associations.

Four people created the association "Kaloumba" in 2002. Each one had an experience in hand-crafting, especially wood, in creative arts and crafts. Three members had extensive experience in animation (youth work).

In the beginning, we started constructing games by recovering wood with tools belonging to various members. The town of Fontenay sous bois (Paris, France) provided us with a space for three days a week, which we used as a workshop.Six months later, after having constructed twenty games, we started to organize our first events.We organized our first traveling project during the months of July and August 2003, which also allowed us to acquire a van. Our first LUDOBUS. Since then, the association has been open to new members, who create games in the workshop and also undertake and support us in various interventions.
In seven years we have conducted over 300 events with various audiences, constructed more than 120 games from over twenty countries - some of them over 5000 years old - and organized 4 national and 9 international projects.


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